AETCM - Academy for Emergency Trauma and Critical care Medicine

The Academy for emergency trauma and critical care medicine (AETCM) was founded to promote the art and science of Trauma and Emergency Care by enhancing awareness via educational programs, Consultation, Research and Training for doctors and health care professionals.

Dr. Gireesh Kumar K P
Director, AETCM


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Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote and encourage development, advancement, and research in the field of Emergency Medicine, critical care and other allied disciplines.
  2. To encourage and promote the application of Emergency Medicine in clinical care, education and research in the health sector.
  3. Fostering networking and collaboration among interest groups in Emergency Medicine and professionals from different streams of health care and other interested groups.
  4. To promote training of students, health professional, research fellows and technicians in various aspects of Emergency Medicine.
  5. To organize symposium, seminars, workshops, scientific meetings, lectures, Continuing Medical Education programs, and refresher courses to further scientific knowledge.
  6. Disseminating knowledge in the field of Emergency Medicine by publishing research papers, periodicals and other publications of Medical interest.
  7. To work in close collaboration with scientific organizations and the industry in the development and implementation of innovative products & services related to Emergency Medicine.
  8. To undertake Health Education programs for the public.
  9. To render assistance to the students in the field of Medicine, patients and the families of the members in need.
  10. To help the poor, needy patients.
  11. To undertake projects to improve the teaching, research and patient care in the field of Emergency Medicine.